it starts with a word.     a sentence.     a first line.     a description.

an idea.     a blank page.  welcome to Women of Our Words.

Everyone has a story. Whether it’s deeply personal or greatly imagined. And most of us have a story we want to share, write about – tell. And most of us don’t know where or how to begin. It’s daunting… that first word, or sentence. That’s why we bring to you the Women of Our Words, a writing workshop just for women. We’ll meet in a private home. Our group will be small. The experience, extraordinary.

Whether it’s a memoir or a piece of fiction, an essay or a children’s book, a film or a TV series, a blog or personal essay. These workshops are about getting it down on the page. Sharing our lives, and then, sharing our stories. It’s about taking that huge leap of creative faith, because the truth is, by sharing and telling and writing our stories, we inspire others to tell theirs.