Do Good Girl

i know that being the DO GOOD GIRL is so much sexier than being THE GOOD GIRL.
i know that being kind lasts longer & wears much better than being nice.
i know that marrying well can’t hold a candle to marrying good.
i know that getting loved is a much bigger wish/prayer/hope than getting laid.
i know that speaking your truth, standing tall, & speaking up is filled to the brim with gorgeous & grand & loads of courage.
i know that courage is (often) born out of fear.
i know that when fear is ignored – not paid attention to, doesn’t get its way – it gets all pissy, & cranky – stamps it’s ugly fucking feet – and turns away.
worth repeating: fear hates being ignored.
and i know for a fact – an absolute irrefutable fact – that each one of us is filled with magic & miracles & beauty.
so go on, go on…
be huge, be epic. be massive.
show the world what you’re made of, and please, stumble, fall, make a few mistakes while you’re at it, because the balls-out truth is this: stumbling, falling, making mistakes are what make us so very human & glorious & there is nothing more extraordinary than turning what seemingly looks or appears like a mistake into a huge motherfucker mission.

— Amy Ferris


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