HERshop in Santa Fe

I’m doing an all new HERshop in Santa Fe, NM on the weekend of October 21st & 22nd. plus we’ll be doing a reading from SHADES OF BLUE (with Kathryn Rountree, ansanta fed a few other women).

the theme of this HERshop is BEING HEARD – we want all women to know that their voices – their stories – matter.

we’re also going to be creating a book in the near future: HERwords, with chosen essays from each of our HERshops.

we want all women to awaken to their greatness.
we want all women to stand tall.
we want all women to release the stories that keep them from fully engaging in the world.
we want all women to wear their scars like stardust.

— Amy Ferris


I’m with Her

i know imperfection
i know mistakes
i know fierce & mighty
i know heartache & heartbroken
i know misogyny
i know lies
i know scars
i know verbal abuse
i know standing up
i know standing for
i know standing with
i know shame
i know courage
i know brave
i know loss
i know self-worth
i know self-doubt
i know a fighting spirit
i know determination
i know choices
i know defeat
i know victory

i know that woman


by Amy Ferris

The World Needs You

for some folks, the alarm goes off, they jump outta bed, make their coffee, take their shower, and boom… they’re off & running. (that’s not me)
for some folks, the alarm goes off, they hit snooze, roll over, and eventually get out of bed. (okay, more like me)
for some folks, the alarm goes off, they hit snooze, take a breath, and wish they could hide from the world.
for some folks, the alarm goes off, they turn the alarm off, and hide from the world.

i’m here to tell you that when that alarm goes off (literally or figuratively), we all need to get out of bed.
we need to make a ruckus.
we need to offer hope.
we need to lend a hand.
offer a shoulder.
stand up, stand tall, be bold.
offer encouragement & inspiration, goodness & kindness.
we need to offer up our soul-drenched-heart-filled audacious stories.

we need to ask for & expect the entire cake, all five layers.

no more crumbs.
you can not make a cake out of crumbs.
repeat: no more crumbs.

so, when that alarm goes off, please… oh, please, take your flawed, gorgeous, stunning, funny, broken, imperfectly perfect amazing self out of bed, and into the world and strut your stuff.

the world needs you.

it does.

— Amy Ferris

From Mistake to Mission

here’s the thing:
every sorrow, every pain, every mistake I’ve made; every bad turn, every bad haircut, every bad boyfriend, every god awful shameful experience got me here, right here, to this place. this place. my marriage, my friendships, my tribe, my work, my writing, my home, my life.

and all those mistakes & fuck-ups made me a better woman.
it’s true. not a perfect woman, but a better, kinder, more compassionate woman.

and the thing is, the kicker – when we use our mistakes to inspire someone, encourage someone, another person – it kinda simultaneously turns into our mission.
it’s true.
it’s like magic: from mistake to mission.

good goddess, we’re capable of so much goodness.
so much.

— Amy Ferris