Hello Portland. Here comes Amy!

Hey Portland, there are only a couple spots left for Amy Ferris HERshop next month! She doesn’t usually come to the PDX so you don’t want to miss this opportunity.
September 24th & 25th, and we’re almost full-up.

HERshops: Our stories, woven together, are who we are and what we become. Long after we leave this world our stories will remain. When write our stories – and share them out-loud – we not only lift our own lives, we lift others as well. Telling our stories – confronting our truths, our fear, our anger, our shame – takes huge courage. Examining these truths lead to change. 

When we write our stories, we very often right our lives

HERshops with Amy Ferris Comes to Portland

Saturday & Sunday, September 24 & 25, 2016

HERshops are limited to a small group to allow for individual time and attention. Bring your note pads or laptops, whichever you prefer, but most importantly, bring your stories. We know you have one. For more information go to




HERshop with Amy Ferris: …”an amazing experience”

I found the HERshop an amazing experience with a group of very inspiring women. I was both humbled and in awe of the extraordinary group of women who shared such intimate, and their honest ‘truths’. Jody, Katie and Amy have created an incredible safe environment for such honestly to be brought forth. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this magical experience!  — Melissa A., Los Angeles, CA


DEFINITION: a completely made up word pertaining to an intimate group of (say, 10 or 15) women who aren’t necessarily writers, but who have something very important to say. who want to use their voice. who want to be heard. who believe the pen is mightier & much, much sexier than the sword. who have a story they want to share with a couple of women and maybe even the world. whether it’s to start or finish a book/memoir/novel, begin a play or musical, write a screenplay or tv series & sell it for a bundle of dough, create/start a personal blog, or write a long overdue dear john/jane letter, or even a thank-you note. HERShops are about writing/righting your life. taking that big, gigantic, scary, amazing, awesome creative leap of faith along with other amazing, gorgeous & very cool women.

Do Good Girl

i know that being the DO GOOD GIRL is so much sexier than being THE GOOD GIRL.
i know that being kind lasts longer & wears much better than being nice.
i know that marrying well can’t hold a candle to marrying good.
i know that getting loved is a much bigger wish/prayer/hope than getting laid.
i know that speaking your truth, standing tall, & speaking up is filled to the brim with gorgeous & grand & loads of courage.
i know that courage is (often) born out of fear.
i know that when fear is ignored – not paid attention to, doesn’t get its way – it gets all pissy, & cranky – stamps it’s ugly fucking feet – and turns away.
worth repeating: fear hates being ignored.
and i know for a fact – an absolute irrefutable fact – that each one of us is filled with magic & miracles & beauty.
so go on, go on…
be huge, be epic. be massive.
show the world what you’re made of, and please, stumble, fall, make a few mistakes while you’re at it, because the balls-out truth is this: stumbling, falling, making mistakes are what make us so very human & glorious & there is nothing more extraordinary than turning what seemingly looks or appears like a mistake into a huge motherfucker mission.

— Amy Ferris