Gae PolisnerWomen’s Fiction & Young Adult Novel Writing

Where do fictional ideas come from? Once the shine of their novelty wears off, how do we keep at it and turn those ideas into full blown, living and breathing stories? Gae will walk you through the process from idea to completion, covering topics from creating conflict and crafting dynamic characters, to pushing through muddy middles and learning to run with your own unique methods and voice. Gae will also walk you through her rather bumpy road to publication and share some of the secrets and realities of the publishing process, from querying agents to securing the ever-­elusive book deal, and how to stick with it through rejection and other writerly roadblocks.

Gae is a divorce lawyer/mediator by trade, but a writer by calling.  She is the author of THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO (“Resonates with real feeling. . .” – The New York Times Book Review) and THE PULL OF GRAVITY (a Bank Street Best of 2012). Gae writes both women’s and young adult fiction, and her first novel, THE JETTY, was a Top Semifinalist in the first ever Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Her novels have garnered several awards and critical acclaim, and, more importantly, her books are taught and shared in classrooms throughout the country.

She is ridiculously excited to be a part of the PEEC Women of Our Words Writers’ Retreat.