sarahSarah Lovett’s publishing credits include 7 novels with major houses—Random House, Simon and Schuster, Penguin Books—as well as more than 30 nonfiction books with regional and national publishers. She has worked on high-profile projects, including collaborating as co-author with Valerie Plame on the “Vanessa Pierson” espionage series, inspired by the experiences of famously outed CIA covert operative, Valerie Plame. The novels are currently under negotiation for feature film development.Over the course of writing professionally for three decades, Sarah studied with nationally renowned writers and screenwriters, playwrights, editors, and other story experts. She has coached, taught and mentored hundreds of writers. As a result, she has developed a method of working with writers designed to ease the process and encourage the flow of writing a novel, play, and/or memoir. Click here for upcoming Writing Workshops