• “Before hiring Sarah to help me with my memoir, I researched and interviewed a numberof coach / editors. I was looking for someone who could give me both big picture and detailed feedback, who would be honest and direct with me, and who would work with me as a partner through the highs and lows, periods of doubt and periods of excitement. I could not have asked for more. Sarah helped me move my manuscript from an awkward, rough state to “ready for submission” and a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association annual competition. Sarah is a thorough professional and a complete delight to work with. If you’re looking for the best, her name is Sarah.”  Peter Gibb, author of STILL STANDING: My Journey from Doubt to Wonder
  • “With the help of Sarah’s grace, compassion and incredible sense of humor you somehow, finally find the courage to write your stories. In your own way, in your own unique voice, before it is too late.” Karen Kenney, CREDIT T/C (HAVE TO FIND THE VOLUME)
  • “Lovett’s glittering, sharp-edged, gut-wrenching story reminds readers that easy answersare hard to find…A potent novel.” –Booklist, starred review for A DESPERATE SILENCE“A hard-charging, keenly depicted race against an apocalyptic spike in zero-sum destruction.” –Library Journal praise for BURNED
  • I cannot recommend the HERshop with Amy Ferris strongly enough. I attended the workshops on the Big Island and was blown away. It was so much more than I could have imagined, and I have continued to write furiously since (I’m calling it the “afterburner Amy effect.”). I have been writing for years, even have an MFA in Creative Writing, but I had a few “blocks”–about putting my writing out there, about not feeling my …work was “good enough,” about making time to honor my creative side.  And here’s what I’ll tell you: Something amazing happened over the course of the weekend. I have made a transformation that is nothing short of amazing. In the way the workshop is structured, the writing prompts, the sharing and community building we did in the groups helped me see myself more clearly. The workshops helped me articulate for myself what I wanted to do as a writer and creative person… and gave me the courage to actually do it. As a college writing instructor, I can also say how much I appreciate the pedagogical approach to Amy’s workshops. She balances thinking, writing, and sharing to make the most of time. She also encourages a type of community in the workshop that is welcoming to all. You might even consider bringing a relative or friend. I did the workshops with my mother and my daughter. What a wonderful experience. Can’t rave enough. Just go! You’ll thank me later! — Piper S., Big Island, HI
  • I found the Hershop an amazing experience with a group of very inspiring women.  I was both humbled and in awe of the extraordinary group of women who shared such intimate, and their honest ‘truths’.  Jody, Katie and Amy have created an incredible safe environment for such honestly to be brought forth.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this magical experience!  — Melissa A., Los Angeles, CA
  • Our writers’ workshop cracked my heart wide open. I became more willing to write my truth, create a new chapter and make forever friendships with these authentically gifted women. Amy Ferris is the mentor’s mentor. Her ability to pinpoint our creative possibilities is both a gift and a blessing. — Patti L., Los Angeles, CA
  • Having never attended a writers’ workshop before, I was not sure what to expect.   Amy Ferris makes you feel like your story is the most important one in the room which is incredibly motivating. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain from this experience.  — Kathy S., Aspen, CO
  • This was an amazing weekend! Thank you Amy and Jody! The stories, oh the stories!! The women, oh the women! This was wonderful, healing – so much laughter, so many tears, so much healing. — Berneil B., Edwards, CO
  • I know mine won’t be the only testimonial to use the phrase “life changing” in describing this workshop. I’ll use it anyway. And to that I’ll add “amazing,” “wonderful,” and “extraordinary”. Amy was a wizardress, drawing out the magic in each of us. Jody was incredible and made the logistics and arrangements seem easy. Becky was such a gracious host. I am grateful to have been a part of it. — Ann S., No Name, CO
  • I never imagined that coming to Edwards (CO) for a writers’ workshop could be such an emotionally healing weekend. I met an amazing group of women: strong beautiful individuals. New family, new friends. I was inspired and supported to create. Kathryn P., Aspen CO
  • The workshop with Amy Ferris was amazing! Whenever you get a group together to talk of their projects it stimulates new ways of thinking and new ideas.  Amy is a wonderful, giving, kind and encouraging leader.  I have been reading her book “Marrying George Clooney” which is hysterical and shows her truly unique sense of humor.  She is one of those rare people you meet in life who leaves an indelible impression on you.  — Anni B., Vail, CO
  • The women’s workshop gathered an incredible, diverse, beautifully inspirational group of women. After prompts of a word that Amy wisely chose for each, the gift of the workshop was what each woman had to share. Becky, H. Edwards, CO
  • Self awareness! Thanks to all the ladies, Amy & Jody for helping open that gift.  — Marka B., Edwards, CO
  • Amy Ferris is a master at asking the right questions to help each participant form a clear idea of what they want to write. She lead me to a place in my writing that I did not know was possible. She is the best. — Kathryn M., Santa Fe, NM