HERshops in LA: with Amy Ferris

Join us for TWO DAYS OF writing  workshop in Los Angeles with author, editor, screenwriter and memoirist, AMY FERRIS .

HERshop: one word. a sentence. amy will start with a prompt, a simple prompt, and from that moment you will be lead into an extraordinarily, liberating place, where the magic of writing rears its head, manifests. amy’s HERshop is for anyone who has a story to tell, share. you may show up, thinking you’re writing a piece, an essay, a blog or book about your passion for gardening, but soon after you realize it’s about something much different, and by digging deeper, digging more intuitively out comes a story, a piece, an essay, a blog, a book about your family, or a long lost love, or a story that has been percolating for years. bring your computer, a pen and paper… and please, bring your imagination.

HERshops with AMY FERRIS
Cost: $170 per day, includes lunch
Times: 10 am to 4 pm
Location: Los Angeles
Dates: Sat. Dec.10, 2016
Sun. Dec.12, 2016
Space limited
Register – Email Katie Rountree at russtree@aol.com